Our Flight Crew Per Diem Calculator - How it Works

The IRS allows all airline employees that receive per diem to take a standard meal allowance deduction. This deduction allows you to offset the per diem you were paid by your airline, thus reducing your tax bill. There are several methods allowed by the IRS to compute this deduction. Unfortunately for most taxpayers and most Tax Professionals, the calculation that benefits you the most is the one that is most complicated. It is so complicated that most Tax Professionals don’t even use this method leaving hundreds and even thousands of dollars of your money with the IRS! PerDiemMax flight crew per diem calculator is the simple way for you to compute your per diem reconciliation using the most advantageous method allowed by the IRS.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not using PerDiemMax flight crew per diem calculator, you are OVERPAYING your Federal Income Tax! As a pilot or flight attendant, whether you prepare your own tax return or use a Tax Professional, PerDiemMax will save you money. We guarantee it or your money back!

Easy To Use Per Diem Calculator

PerDiemMax is easy to use and helps keep you organized throughout the year. PerDiemMax makes tax preparation time simple and hassle free. PerDiemMax is used by dozens of Tax Professionals to help reduce client tax bills and maximize refunds.

100% Tax Code Compliant

PerDiemMax flight crew per diem calculator is 100% Tax Code compliant and has been tested with actual IRS agents. If you are ever audited, the PerDiemMax Annual Report contains all of the information you will ever need to substantiate your meal allowance deduction.

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