PerDiemMax & CrewBuddy

CrewBuddySave You Time & Money

How We Work Together

1) CrewBuddy syncs your trips to PerDiemMax in one easy step

2) PerDiemMax calculates your tax savings and creates your per diem report

3) Download the report and give to your tax professional (or follow the instructions in the report to do your own taxes)

4) Lower your taxes—guaranteed!

Learn how PerDiemMax helps lower your taxes here.


Next Steps

If you haven't created a PerDiemMax account, go back to the CrewBuddy app and create your account through the app. (Creating your PerDiemMax account through CrewBuddy will ensure that your trips will sync with PerDiemMax.)

If you already have, login to PerDiemMax to download your tax report.

Download Your Report


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