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PerDiemMax flight crew per diem calculator takes the hassle out of calculating your per diem deduction on your federal and state tax returns.  As a pilot or flight attendant, the IRS allows you to take a meal deduction to offset the per diem you are paid by your airline, thus reducing your tax bill. Unfortunately, this deduction is complicated—so complicated that most tax preparers bypass it, and many flight crew members leave money on the table each year.

PerDiemMax is the most accurate flight crew per diem calculator on the web. A recent audit showed our two largest competitors do not comply with IRS tax codes.  Trust the tax experts at PerDiemMax per diem calculator.

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Southwest flight crew members can now automatically import overnights from CrewBuddy into PerDiemMax. Get your maximum per diem deduction without the manual data entry.

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